serving the Great Falls Area since 1942

Station 12, Great Falls, Virginia
The Great Falls Volunteer Fire Department is made up on men and women from Great Falls and other areas of Northern Virginia who donate time to service as firefighters, paramedics, EMT's or administrative members.  Our mission is the preservation of life and property from fire or as needed in other emergencies, in the community, in Fairfax County, or where necessary.

We work in partnership with the career staff of the Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department who staff our station 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  The Great Falls Volunteer Fire Department owns three of the emergency vehicles that are housed at the station.  Our volunteers work hand in hand with career staff to provide supplemental staffing on the engine, tanker and medic units that operate from station 12.

Our firefighters, paramedics and emergency medical technicians also pool resources with members of the other Fairfax County Volunteer Fire Departments, to place units in service all over the county in times of need.  There are over 300 operationally qualified volunteers in the county.  We are frequently asked by the Fairfax Fire and Rescue Department to provide additional fire engines or ambulances when there is a major incident or when career staff is in training.

Operational members of the Great Falls Volunteer Fire Department are trained to the same high standards that the career staff receive.  Our firefighters, medics and EMT's hold state and national accreditations.  Training is provided through the county's Fire and Rescue Academy in Fair Oaks, Virginia.  Administrative members provide expertise in area such as accounting, fundraising and community events.

Great Falls Volunteer Fire Department volunteers are active in our community.  We provide resources to Great Falls events such as the Fourth of July, Christmas Tree Lighting, Easter Egg Hunt, Great Falls Day and Halloween.  We also contribute time and resources to other events in Fairfax County such as the Fairfax Fair, Herndon Festival, Wolf Trap events and numerous sports tournaments and races. 

The Mission
The mission of the Great Falls Volunteer Fire Department (GFVFD) is to aid in the preservation of life and property. This mission is completed in cooperation with Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department.  Throughout the year, our volunteers participate and contribute to a myriad of functions related to the public safety of the citizens of the Great Falls community. 

Hours and Emergency Responses
The number of hours contributed by the Great Falls Volunteer Fire Department membership totaled over 10,000 hours during 2012.  Participation is in three major categories, Apparatus Staffing, Training and Administration.  Members of the Great Falls Volunteer Fire Department either staff volunteer units or they supplement the career staff.  During those hours, personnel participated in many incidents. 

In preparation for fire department activities, members participate in many hours of fire and emergency medical services training.  This training varies from formal certification to in-station drills to the multi-company training sessions.

In addition to the actual emergency operations and service delivery aspects of the Great Falls Volunteer Fire Department, members spent many hours completing the necessary administrative functions to deliver fire prevention information, raise revenue, maintain facilities and perform other basic business tasks.